DedPan Radio: Episode 1 - Ryan Henderson

EPISODE 1 - Ryan Henderson

Ryan got fired from his job AT A COMPANY THAT TREATS ALS for his Ice Bucket Challenge Video. 
Here is the story:


A message from Ryan:

I worked at a medical facility where we treated patients for ALS so I am all too familiar with this horrible disease. This video was done with the upmost respect I just did it in my own way. I was not seeking attention for myself but to do something different than the standard challenge. This was done outside of the work place but I mention my employer to validate that I am not just a punk kid and I know the seriousness of this disease and what it does to people. The video was brought to my HR department at work where I was told to take it down immediately and then the next thing I know I was being fired without any warning or write up. This has wrecked my brain trying to understand how an innocent, heart felt act to raise awareness for a disease that the establishment themselves treat for can turn into what it did. The reasoning behind them terminating me was they were concerned with how they would be portrayed as a company since I stated their name. Would love to hear your thoughts please leave a comment and if you support this please share the video.