THURMAN & LALA Ep 75: Let's Talk About Steve...

THURMAN & LALA Are back in studio together after a few weeks off for one hell of a show. Steve tells us what's been going on in his home life and lack-of-love life. Stolen towels, stolen burritos and stolen drunk girls. Get ready for classic LALA Rants and THURMAN psychologically decimating people he has never met. Warning: it gets loud. Keep Listening.

Disclaimer from the Thurmopolis Network: These events are true, though some of the details and characters names have been altered. One name is even a fart noise now. Why? Because its funny and this is a comedy show. Steve came over and told me a story about 3 people I have never met. A story that affected his life. This podcast is his forum to talk about it while I try to say funny crazy shit. So the "offensive statements" made are for the sole purpose of comedic entertainment based on what in my head, was a story he ramped up for the same reason. Don't lose your shit over it. These are jokes. I know how excited it is to get offended and have outrage. To try and get someone in trouble for saying mean things. I understand. You get so much attention, its awesome! But unfortunately this is a completely independent company, so we have no bosses for you to complain to. I know right? You may actually have to live knowing this episode exists. (So do we and it doesn't feel much better)
Just a warning I may call some of these people "doo-doo faces" or "stupid jerk butts" I just wanted to let everyone know we are simply trying to make entertaining content and sometimes you have to turn real people into fictional characters and verbally shit all over them. Be honest, saying terrible things about people you don't know is our way of life as human beings. It unites us all as a planet of assholes. Embrace it and enjoy the show.

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