THURMAN - LALA Ep 87: Put a Cork in it

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Humor in racism and racism in humor.
Over priced movies.
Lala’s absence.
A Chocolate Penis Party with your aunt.
Unicorn Utopia.
Porcelain Dolls and Haunted Halls. Paranormal Activities.
Maybe it was Jesus.
Two Girls Join in.
Orgasms, Sexual prowess, men, women, douchebags and sluts.
Physical progression of Relationships.
Penile Techniques.
A girl thinks fucking a dude from behind is the same as fucking a girl from behind.
That girl is proven to be ridiculous.
Would you rather have a gorilla shove his thumb up your ass while an ostrich blows you or fuck a cantaloupe while watching Threes Company?
Girls making out will ruin society.
Guys “putting a cork in it”.
How to treat the one you love.

Make your one night stand count.
This is the THURMAN & LALA Podcast. Keep Listening.