Before the Headlight is Due

I can’t believe there’s a crowd that finds you interesting
Pre played planned out fake color green
Goin round, round, round from a summer scene now
You’re last years toys in the crowd, Just promise it wont get loud
You got re-runs in your snout, You gotta take the batteries out
Slouched down in confusion please do the talking for me I’m out

You’re thinkin’ this might be the one
You think it finally got too fun
There’s no more damage that can be done
You’re knocked down fuckin’ clamorin’ for your gun
Sliced up my right fist trying to escape
Let circumstances state your case
Proclamations you wont be late
You say the same damn thing every time you came
You notice never really one guy who gets the blame
Your ever-long list is missing a name you’re limping again
But you wont take faith
Match it with integrity a brand new place
With and open curtain matching the window
Let some damn air in its been so
Smoked out so long that the walls
Turned a different shade of yellow