Kissed on Leather

Kissed on leather, make her know better
Your ex-girlfriends at the door with a machete 
You better get ready shit just got heavy 
You can blame it on the nitwit down at the levy
Pin-up, go and get ya grin up, sit up
Pretend to be alive fix your neck tie 
Dive into a shot got live rot causin’ thick spots
You wanna see tomorrow but the shit wont stop
Your tendency to borrow from a shit dick cop

The house I’d buy is a three-day drive
Getting miles from the people who would try and stop by
Everything to lose, you lose it all to prove
You didn’t need nothing and they didn’t need you
Fresh wounds need to heal, breathe, salivate and peal
Take ahold of your mouth before you break away and squeal
Can’t stand changes when they only happen on their own